What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Safari Motorhome?


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Check the ratings for the model and year of Safari motorhome before you buy it, because some models after 1995 have declining quality ratings. Weigh these ratings against the mileage and maintenance records, and consider how long you need the RV to last.

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All Safari motorhomes are used as of 2015, since no RVs have been sold under that name since 2009. The company had struggled for several years as a result of purchasing multiple RV manufacturing companies. However, older motorhomes may also be less reliable and lack some modern features. They also tend to have poor gas mileage compared to newer RVs, which have more efficient motors.

Consider the size of the RV and how you plan to use it. While a 40-foot RV provides more space and may be more comfortable, especially for people who live in it full-time, the large size may prevent it from fitting into some campgrounds.

Think about your mechanical abilities and how capable you are of replacing broken or worn items. If you can fix things easily, you may be able to save money by buying a Safari in poor repair and fixing it up. However, this may cost you money in the long-term if you need professional help.

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