What Should You Consider When Comparing Mastercraft to Cooper Tires?

Mastercraft tires and Cooper tires are both manufactured by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. Mastercraft tires tend to be sold at a slightly lower-price point than Cooper tires and may be less advanced than the most recent Cooper products. Both brands service passenger, light truck, sport utility, winter and commercial vehicles. Cooper also makes tires for performance and motorsport vehicles.

When comparing tires in general, there are a few factors to keep in mind, such as type of tire, tread wear grade, traction grade, temperature grade, size and price. The Uniform Tire Quality Grading system is used to rate tires in the United States and is molded into the sidewall of the tire. The tread wear grade is a numerical rating of how long the tire tread will last. The higher the number, the longer it should last.

The traction grade is a letter grade between C and AA. An AA rated tire is able to stop better on wet surfaces than lower graded tires. The temperature grade is also rated with a letter grade between C and A. An A rated tire runs cooler than a B or C rated tire.

Properly sized tires are essential. Perhaps the most important number for tire size is the rim diameter it was manufactured for. Make sure this matches the existing wheels or expect to have to also replace the wheels. When comparing the price of tires keep in mind the price per mile. Longer lasting tires may be more expensive upfront but could have a lower price per mile.