What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Pre-Owned Snowmobile?


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When shopping for a used snowmobile, consumers should determine what kind of riding they will be doing, how many people might ride on their snowmobiles, and cost. After narrowing down these criteria, potential buyers can start looking at snowmobiles to ensure their quality and safety. Before buying a snowmobile, inspect the machine in person to physically inspect the machines for any signs of damage or flaws.

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Snowmobiles come in four basic designs: entry-level, performance, touring, mountain, utility and crossover. Entry-level snowmobiles, also called trail snowmobiles, are lightweight, have minimal horsepower and are easy to maneuver. They are less expensive than other models, making them popular choices for beginners. Performance snowmobiles have larger engines than trail machines, and weigh more thanks to enhanced suspension systems and larger engines. They offer more speed and respond more quickly to driver demands, but cost more than base models. Touring snowmobiles are designed for comfort and passengers. They have cushioned seats and give riders a smooth, stable ride. Mountain snowmobiles have a long, narrow design and lugs with enhanced teeth. Like similar utility snowmobiles, they have powerful engines to help power through deep snow. Lastly, utility snowmobiles are used for pulling, towing and trail riding.

Buyers should examine prospective snowmobiles in the daylight to look for damage. Check the oil chain case and clutch, and consider the type and amount of riding they will do.

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