How Should You Choose Small Pull-Behind Campers?

How Should You Choose Small Pull-Behind Campers?

Choose small, pull-behind campers according to affordability, convenience and your vehicle's towing capability. Depending upon their size, pull-behind campers generally must be towed by a car, truck or SUV.

The most popular and towable pull-behind campers are pop-up campers. Their lightweight construction makes them inexpensive, easy to use and easy to tow .

Most pull-behind campers are small for fuel economy and towing ease. However, they must be connected to a septic tank at campsites because they lack a freshwater tank and a septic tank.

The smallest pull-behind trailers are motorcycle trailers or small travel trailers that can be pulled by a motorcycle or a bicycle. They usually have an aerodynamic design and are not much heavier than a tent. They are fuel-efficient and equipped with a comfortable sleeping area, awnings and a cooking area.

Teardrop trailers are shaped like a teardrop; they are fuel-efficient and aerodynamic. There is enough space for two people inside.

The most expensive and luxurious pull-behind trailers are known as fifth wheels. Because they are typically equipped with sleeping areas with a queen-sized bed, a full kitchen, a toilet and large storage spaces, they are the heaviest campers. They require a truck for towing. While they are not fuel-efficient, they provide the comforts of home.