What Should Buyers Look for When Purchasing Used Nissan Engines?


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Important considerations when purchasing a used Nissan engine include knowing whether the engine has been rebuilt or simply repaired, checking the mileage, and reviewing any warranty plans that are available. Engines that require external repairs or that have been poorly maintained may be more likely to have issues with internal parts and components. When possible, always purchase engines from dealers and outlets that have a good reputation.

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Before buying a used or rebuilt engine, perform an inspection to ensure all major parts are in working condition. Check the cylinder sleeves, pistons, rings, crankshaft, connecting rod and oil sump for obvious signs of wear or damage. Find out if the engine is operational and ready for installation, or if additional parts and further work is required. Always check the service record of a used or rebuilt engine, if possible.

Engines that have lower mileage typically have less wear and tear. Review any paperwork that comes with a rebuilt engine, to find out who did the rebuild and to ensure the dealer or supplier is a reputable organization. Obtain a history report on the engine or any vehicles in which it may have been previously installed. This can provide important information. Extended warranty plans are often worth the cost of purchasing them.

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