What Should You Know Before Buying a ZENN Electric Car?


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ZENN is an acronym for Zero Emission No Noise. The ZENN electric car is a low speed vehicle that is not suitable for the freeway but can be highly useful for doing short trips around the neighborhood, such as grocery shopping or navigation for the elderly. A brand new standard edition ZENN car costs around $17,000 as of 2015.

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The ZENN, which was originally designed by the French manufacturer Microcar, is modeled after the Microcar MC-2. However, unlike the MC-2, the ZENN does not run on gasoline or diesel. LSV cars are gaining popularity in the United States, particularly in California. This growth of sales of electric cars in many states is due to the generous tax incentives they can bring.

The ZENN, which has an average speed of 25 mph, can reach a maximum speed of 40 mph. The vehicle has a charging time of six to eight hours, which means a full battery for a drive of 35 miles can be charged in one night. To address the issue of the vehicle’s limited drive range, Microcar provides ZENN users with the opportunity to extend their vehicle's charge with an extra hour via Microcar's "rapid charger" for an additional charge of $9,000.

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