What Should You Know Before Buying a Used 4x4 ATV?


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Knowing how you plan to use the vehicle, whether for sport, racing or multiple uses, and choosing a size and price range are the first steps to buying a used all terrain vehicle, according to ATVSource.com Before purchase, determine the condition of the tires and rims, undercarriage, and the oil. Knowing whether or not there is play in the handlebars or wheels is also important, as movement can indicate worn wheel bearings or ball joints.

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Worn tires are a safety hazard and expensive to replace. Cracks, bends or warping in the tire rims are also warning signals. It is important to check for dents in the undercarriage, frame damage, and breaks and cracks in welded or rusty areas. Watery, chocolate-colored oil suggests that water has leaked into the oil. Knowing if there are breaks or cracks where water can penetrate the CV joint boots is one way to avoid potentially expensive repairs. It is also important to inspect the air box and filter for water, which can indicate needed repairs.

A prospective buyer also needs to know whether or not there is rust visible on the chain and sprockets. Ask the seller how often they were lubricated and how often the vehicle was serviced. Riding the vehicle is essential to know that whether runs properly. If it pulls to the right or left or has an unresponsive throttle, the vehicle may have problems.

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