What Should You Know Before Buying a Car From a Private Seller?

What Should You Know Before Buying a Car From a Private Seller?

Some things to know before buying a car from a private seller include the reason for the sale, the vehicle's condition and odometer reading, its history, selling price, and if he allows an independent inspection. Also, the buyer must know his car requirements, budget and any hidden costs involved.

Before searching for used cars, the buyer must understand his needs as this influences the car size and features he requires. It is helpful to fix a budget to avoid overspending and know the taxes, registration fees and insurance rates involved.

The odometer reading of a used car determines its value. The reason for selling the car provides an idea of how much negotiation is possible. Also, knowing the car's condition from the seller gives provides an insight into the seller's honesty. It is preferable to determine these details before viewing the car.

When inspecting the vehicle, it is helpful to ask about the kind of oil the seller uses. If the seller gives a prompt answer or provides the maintenance records, it indicates that the car is well-maintained. Asking the owner when and where he bought the car and running a VIN check using online sources provides information about the vehicle's history.

The buyer should ask about taking the car for a test drive and having an independent car inspection. If the seller hesitates or declines, it is best to decline the deal. To avoid getting cheated, the buyer should find out if the seller sells pre-owned cars as a hobby.