What Does Shopkey Pro Do for Auto Repair Shops?


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The Shopkey Pro repair information system allows auto repair shops to estimate labor rates and OEM parts costs, plan diagnostics and troubleshooting operations, examine wire diagrams quickly and access the SureTrack expert information community. Shop owners also receive access to Shopkey Pro Vintage, which provides information on older vehicles.

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Shopkey Pro repair information systems provide regularly updated information on pricing for automotive parts and accessories. The subscription-based tools simplify many of the regular maintenance tasks associated with running a ship, making it easier to provide customers with accurate estimates and schedule workers based on the amount of work available and the time each job should take.

The information systems also include wire diagrams and other information commonly found in users' manuals and repair guides, keeping a large amount of useful information for auto repair workers and managers close at hand. The system includes access to the SureTrack expert information community, where likeminded individuals can provide each other with support and advice. Shopkey Pro Vintage, also included with the Shopkey Pro repair information system, provides information on a variety of cars produced in 1960 or later years. This provides supplemental information for cars that do not have readily available guides or owners' manuals.

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