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As of 2015, used Kawasaki Mule all-terrain vehicles are available at TractorHouse.com, Fastline.com and ATV.com. Vehicle conditions, locations and prices vary. The websites feature listings from private owners, dealerships and auction companies across the United States. Listings include vehicle photographs and descriptions, prices and seller contact information. At TractorHouse.com, you can sort search results by vendor, model year and location. At Fastline.com you can compare listings, save searches and create watch lists. ATV.com lets you email your search results.

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Kawasaki operates manufacturing facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska, where it produces the Mule. The company introduced the Mule, which stands for Multi-Use-Lightweight-Equipment, in 1988. Popular in the United States and worldwide, the Mule has set an industry standard as a farming, maintenance, hunting, equipment-hauling and recreation vehicle.

Kawasaki equipped the early Mule with a 454-cubic-centimeter, two-cylinder engine in a design resembling an open-cab pickup truck. The lightweight utility vehicle featured all-terrain tires and an independent front and rear suspension. Kawasaki produced later models with 535-cubic-centimeter engines, on-demand two-wheel or four-wheel drive transmissions, and greater load-carrying capabilities.

The company introduced a diesel-powered Mule in 2003. In 2005, Kawasaki began offering a four-by-four gas-powered version that converts from a four-passenger, short-bed vehicle to two-passenger, long-bed cargo-hauling vehicle. In 2006, the motor company offered the transforming four-by-four as a diesel-powered vehicle.

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