What Are a Few of Shell Rotella's T 15W-40 Specs?


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Shell Rotella T engine oils are designed with low ash content, high oxidation resistance, rust and corrosion protection and are created to help prevent varnish deposits on engines. Specific engine compatibility charts are listed on Shell.com and recommended for finding the best viscosity grade compatibility.

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The line of Shell Rotella T oils are made for a variety of turbo- and non-turbocharged diesel-powered vehicles. Shell Rotella T Triple Protection oil protects against diesel particulate filters in a more efficient manner than standard Rotella T oils. Shell states as of July 2015 that the "Rotella T Triple Protection Heavy Duty Engine Oils provide on average 50 percent lower wear in industry-recognized engine tests." This oil has been shown to protect in wear, deposits and emissions from acid corrosion, dirt deposits, wear and exhaust fibers.

This protection in emissions is produced by the oils ability to reduce lubricant related DPF blockage compared to API CI-4 Plus oils. By minimizing DPF blockage the vehicle is able to function more energy efficiently which helps to cut down on the amount of emissions even produced. Shell Rotella T Triple Protection oils are designed to work in vehicles regardless of the age of the engine to meet transportation needs, whether off road or on the highway.

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