How Do You Shave Car Door Handles?

How Do You Shave Car Door Handles?

To shave car door handles, remove the door handles from the exterior of the car, install a "popper" in order to open the door without a handle, and fill in the holes using body putty or lightweight sheet metal. Finally, sand the area for a smooth finish.

Shaving a car door handle means permanently removing the door handles on the exterior of the car, resulting in a smoother look. It is more popular with two-door vehicles and older hot rods.

To begin, first remove the door handle from the car. This process varies between different car models but typically begins with extracting screws from the door latch mechanism.

Next, an actuator solenoid called a "popper" is usually mounted between the door and the car. This is a gas shock mount that opens the car door when triggered, usually by a remote. Solenoids can be purchased online or in remote door opening kits.

Fill in the remaining hole either by using body putty or by welding or gluing lightweight sheet metal onto the door. After this step is finished, the area must be sanded for a smooth finish so that the door is evenly flat. Optionally, repaint the area to match the paint and finish of the rest of the car.