How Do You Set up a Used Short Bed Truck Camper?


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The method for setting up a used short bed truck camper is the same as with a new model, which is to use a combination of camper tiedowns and turnbuckles to attach the camper to the truck. Tiedowns are the components that connects to the truck, while turnbuckles are the pieces that connect the tiedown to the camper.

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The first step to setting up a used short bed truck camper is to ensure that the bed of the truck is the appropriate size for the camper, as a camper that is too long or too short results in significant safety risks. Next, inspect the camper to make sure that its connecting components are in proper working order, free of rust or holes that could result in breakages while traveling. If all components are correct and in good condition, you must choose from either the Torklift or Happijac tiedown systems. The Torklift method involves connecting to the undercarriage of the truck, while the Happijac requires you to drill into the body and bumper of the truck.

While each methods has different benefits, you should consult the owner's manual for the camper to find out which method the manufacturer recommends. Next, obtain turnbuckles and connect them to the camper, ensuring that there is enough tension to keep the camper in place without making it so tight that it risks damaging the tiedowns. Affix all components and test for proper connections and sturdiness.

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