What Services Does U-Pull-It Auto Parts Offer?


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U-Pull-It Auto Parts is a self-service junkyard that allows customers to look for and pull auto parts from the inventory on the lot. They also sell pre-owned cars, running or not, and buy cars from customers to be added to their vehicle inventory or sold for scrap.

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The U-Pull-It idea for selling auto parts has been around for decades and there are outlets nationwide. Customers bring their own tools and are allowed to roam the yard looking for parts. Once found, the parts are pulled, carried or placed in available wheelbarrows and taken to the checkout counter. Since the customer does the work, the parts are much less expensive than at a typical junkyard. A general price list is available, as is an online search engine for finding cars and parts stored on the lot.

U-Pull-It also sells pre-pulled engines, transmissions and new and slightly used tires. New and used batteries are also for sale. Some cars that come into the junkyard are still in fairly good shape and are set aside to be sold "as is." Sometimes these cars can be driven off the lot, but some of them need a partial or a complete rebuild.

To sell a vehicle to U-Pull-It, the owner must have a title to the car and provide identification, even if the car is not running. The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, is checked to make sure the paperwork is in order.

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