What Services Are Typically Offered by a Rim Repair Shop?


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Typically, the services offered by a rim repair shop vary by the shop but can include rim straightening, rim refinishing, wheel personalization and remanufacturing. Different wheels require different attention and each customer has a personal preference when it comes to rim improvement, according to Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists.

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Rim refinishing uses scratching, scraping, gouging and curbing the damages to make the rim appear new. Rim straightening aims at restoring bent or shapeless wheels that can cause vibrations since they affect a vehicle's steering, suspension and tires control.

Rim remanufacturing allows the specialists to take an over-damaged wheel for repair in a company workshop then fit it to the car at a later date. Wheel and rim personalization aims at improving the aesthetic value of both the rims and wheels by fitting accessories such as alloys. Additionally, rim repair shops can change the colors of the alloys or color-match them with the cars body, reports Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists.

Another emerging rim repair shop service is aluminum welding that helps restore a rim crack. Tire dismount or mount and precision fitting of the tire puts a car at a greater advantage. Other necessary services found at a rim repair shop can include factory and secondhand rim sales and rim balancing, reports Rimguard Xtreme.

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