What Services Does Tiffin Motorhomes Provide?

What Services Does Tiffin Motorhomes Provide?

Tiffin Motorhomes is a manufacturer that produces luxury recreational vehicles. Tiffin Motorhomes has a parts and service center that is located a few minutes away from its production plant in Red Bay, Alabama that offers full repair services to its customers.

Tiffin's service center features 53 bays that allow its trained technicians to work on company-produced motorhomes, many of which are repaired under warranty. A unique aspect of the service center is that customers may remain with their motorhomes during service by being able to sleep in their own motorhomes at night when the shop is closed and repairs are ongoing.

Tiffin also offers roadside services to all of its customers. This provides for those stuck in emergency situations or those who require some form of technical assistance.

Tiffin provides consumers multiple ways of contacting the company. Service representatives are available to be spoken to on the phone or contacted via email 24/7, notes TiffinMotorhomes.com.

Each motorhome purchased from Tiffin comes with several warranties. The warranties range in what they protect based on specific time frames. The first warranty follows the construction of the frame of the RV for up to 10 years. This protects the frame itself from any defects in its structural integrity.

A further warranty applies to the fiberglass body for up to five years. Known as the fiberglass delamination warranty, this protects the outside of the RV from defects or damage caused during manufacturing.

The comprehensive warranty is much shorter, only lasting one year as of 2015. It is used to protect buyers from any manufacturing defects that occur on the whole of the vehicle. This warranty expires after either 12 months or 12,000 miles, notes TiffinMotorhomes.com.