What Are Some Services Texan Wire Wheels Offers?


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Texan Wire Wheels offers aftermarket spoke wire wheels generally referred to as swangas, as of 2015. The company specifically specializes in replica '83 and '84 30-spoke wheels in a variety of sizes, from 15 inches to 22 inches. Texan Wire Wheels also offers expert advice on the instillation and maintenance of swangas, custom color coating on some orders, wheel accessories and related merchandise, such as company-branded apparel.

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Texan Wire Wheels does not sell tires but does carry the rims upon which the tires are placed. The company's products fit on a wide variety of vehicles, including classic cars, modern automobiles, motorcycles, low-riders and hot rods. Each individual product description lists compatible vehicles. When ordering rims from the company, "one" is defined as one set of four rims. Texan Wire Wheels does not support transactions involving odd numbers of rims, unless the buyer is a repeat customer, as of 2015.

Texas Wire Wheels sells its products directly to consumers, as well as selling wholesale to authorized dealers. The company's official website, TexanWireWheels.com, includes a full catalog of products that the company offers. Prospective dealers must first be approved by the company before they can begin selling the rims.

Texan Wire Wheels has distribution centers in Houston, Texas, and Beverly Hills, California. The company ships orders around the globe, but international orders may not qualify for some free shipping promotions. Shipping costs vary based on the product in question. All Texan Wire Wheels products are manufactured in the United States.

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