What Are Some Services of RightWay Auto Sales?


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One service provided by RightWay Auto Sales is to help users find local Rightway car dealerships. Users click on Find a Dealer and then enter a zip code or browse the online list. Each store is marked on the online map, and the site lists their addresses and phone numbers.

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Another service provided by Rightway Auto Sales is providing information concerning car financing. Rightway offers financing opportunities to those with poor credit who either visit one of its dealerships or who complete the online credit application. Rightway uses its knowledge of lenders and financing to maximize an applicant's chance of receiving financing. Users click on the site's Get Approved Fast link to begin the credit approval process, and the results are sent to the user's nearest Rightway center.

The Rightway site can be used to browse for new and used vehicles online. Users do so by clicking on Find Your Vehicle and entering a zip code or browsing by state. After clicking on a chosen dealership, users are taken to a site featuring all of the vehicles available at that dealership. Users can search by the make and model of the vehicle and sort by type, including car, truck, van or SUV. Users can narrow results down by year of manufacture, mileage and color. Users can also browse all available vehicles without narrowing results.

When the user locates a car he is interested in, he can click on it to receive details, schedule a test drive or initiate credit pre-approval.

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