What Services Are Offered at Most Motorcycle Inspection Stations?

Motorcycle service and inspection stations offer basic maintenance, most for a fee, including repair estimates, inspection services, general repairs and maintenance, oil changes and lube services, brake and clutch repairs and tire and battery replacement options. Stations specific to inspection typically only offer inspection-related services such as checking brakes, batteries and other parts to assess sufficient working function.

Motorcycle inspection stations offer the option for a vehicle to be inspected to ensure safe, reliable operation of the vehicle, which also ensures the safety of other motor vehicle operators on the roads. The license plates, registration and motorcycle identification number all require inspection along with other elements of the vehicle. The steering ability and front-end suspensions need to be tested to ensure working quality standards. Braking and speedometers are tested to ensure laws can be upheld when it comes to factors such as speed limits and stopping correctly, states DC.gov.

Hybrid stations not only check all of the listed requirements but also provide options to fix things that are found to not meet the inspection standards such as muffler and exhaust system issues or emission problems, notes DaleShirleys.com. The labor rates are often flexible to meet the customer's needs depending on the severity of the issue with the motorcycle.