What Are the Services at J.D. Byrider Auto Sales?

What Are the Services at J.D. Byrider Auto Sales?

J.D. Byrider Auto Sales is a franchised used car dealership with an emphasis on affordability, as of 2015. The company targets prospective customers with poor or no credit and offers them reliable vehicles, backed by a discount service center. J.D. Byrider Auto Sales also offers cheap in-house financing through its affiliate, CNAC, and promises to report timely payments to the three major credit bureaus.

J.D. Byrider Auto Sales' inventory is exclusively made up of vehicles with low mileage and clean titles. The company does not deal in salvaged, rebuilt or restored vehicles in the belief that these vehicles are more likely to malfunction. In addition, all vehicles are subjected to a thorough inspection, computer testing and reconditioning process before being allowed on the showroom floor.

The company's financing is made available to many prospective buyers that would not be approved by most car dealerships or other auto lenders. A CNAC representative is available throughout the car buying process, ensuring that the customer gets the car he needs at a price he can actually afford.

All of the company's vehicles include a limited warranty. The J.D. Byrider Auto service centers perform covered repairs free of charge to the consumer. Uncovered repair work is still done at half of the labor cost of most mechanic shops, and any parts required are available at cost. The service centers are not intended to turn a profit but instead increase the overall affordability of the company's vehicles.

J.D. Byrider Auto Sales was founded in 1989 and includes 168 locations in 34 different states, as of 2015. The company has sold over a million vehicles in its 25 years of operation.