What Services Does Honda Cars of McKinney Offer?

What Services Does Honda Cars of McKinney Offer?

Honda Cars of McKinney offers a number of services including inspections, repairs and maintenance, such as oil changes, as of 2015. An individual may schedule all services online at the Honda Cars of McKinney website.

Inspections are important to all vehicles, and some of the inspection services offered by Honda Cars of McKinney include brake inspections, turbocharged stratified injection inspections, multipoint inspections and quality inspections.

Repair services available from Honda Cars of McKinney range from body and electrical repairs to engine issues, fluid leaks and air conditioning repairs. The service center also does repairs on tires, brakes, steering and glass. Most of the repairs require a fee of about $110 for diagnosis as of 2015, though some of them are less or more expensive. When scheduling online, the car owner can share details about the vehicle's problems.

Maintenance services are also available from Honda Cars of McKinney; these include alignments, oil changes, replacing fluids and rotating the tires. The cost for all of these services is available on the website when scheduling and ranges from about $19 for a brake inspection or tire rotation to up to $850 to replace the timing belt and water pump.

Honda Cars of McKinney also sells parts through the service center, allowing owners to buy parts directly from the dealer. It is also possible to order parts directly from the website.