What Services Does Elk Grove Honda Offer?

What Services Does Elk Grove Honda Offer?

Elk Grove Honda offers services ranging from the sale of new and pre-owned cars to scheduled vehicle service. The firm also offers vehicle-financing packages to its customers. Elk Grove notifies customers when vehicles matching their preferences are available and offers car restorations in case of collisions.

Elk Grove sells new and used cars and offers price specials on certain cars. Customers can browse the firm’s site and view the new and used car inventory. All the vehicles are Honda-certified, which offers a quality guarantee prior to purchase. Elk Grove Honda also provides a financing program to college graduates and military officers. Through the Customer Mobility Assistance Program, Elk Grove offers financial assistance to customers with a mobility need.

The firm also offers CarFinder, a page that allows customers looking for a specific Honda model to fill in their preferred vehicle details: new or pre-owned, model, year, odometer reading and price. Once a vehicle arrives, Elk Grove Honda notifies the customer via phone or email, thereby eliminating the hassle of finding a car.

Elk Grove Honda also sells Honda parts and offers vehicle detailing. Customers can also benefit from service and parts coupons, which provide a rebate on car servicing. To benefit from the coupons, car owners should purchase replacement accessories from the firm’s retail parts counter. The Elk Grove Honda Collision Center offers collision repair, a car restoration service.

Through the Credit Score Estimator available on Elk Grove Honda’s site, a customer can determine her eligibility for a loan. She can also make a secure credit application through the firm’s site.