What Services Does Deacon Jones Ford Provide in Goldsboro, North Carolina?

As of 2016, Deacon Jones Ford in Goldsboro, North Carolina, provides a range of car dealership services, including the sale of new Ford vehicles and used vehicles from various brands. Deacon Jones Ford offers its customers financing options for the purchase of new vehicles and includes an online application on DeaconJonesFordLM.com. Alternatively, a buyer can also value his current vehicle for a potential trade-in to help finance his new vehicle purchase.

Deacon Jones Ford operates a service and parts department that provides maintenance service for customers after the purchase of a vehicle. Customers can schedule a service appointment online and file a request for vehicle spare parts that the dealership does not have in stock. All technicians and staff at the dealership's service department are stated to have the capabilities of providing all types factory services.

Deacon Jones Ford lists both its new and used vehicle inventories online at its website for customers to browse. For its used vehicles inventory, Deacon Jones Ford allows customers to view its whole inventory at once or through various categories, including used certified vehicles, general used vehicles and used vehicles priced under $15,000. Deacon Jones Ford is located at 1014 11th Street in Goldsboro, North Carolina.