What Are Some Services of CarMax in Birmingham?

What Are Some Services of CarMax in Birmingham?

The CarMax location in Birmingham, Alabama, offers its customers access to certified used cars and comprehensive mechanical services. The company also purchases cars from individuals who wish to sell theirs quickly.

CarMax extensively inspects all of the vehicles it carries, utilizing a comprehensive 125-point certified quality inspection. The company guarantees that its vehicles are free of flooding history and frame damage, and it renews its cars through the services of its automotive mechanic shop.

The company promises its customers flexible financing options through partnerships with multiple financial institutions. In Alabama, CarMax sales consultants enjoy a fixed commission, reducing the incentive for consultants to "upsell" more expensive cars to CarMax customers.

CarMax provides its customers with a full vehicle history report and a clean title guarantee. Additionally, the company promises a five-day money-back guarantee for any used car purchased from one of its locations. Customers who desire an extended service plan can purchase a MaxCare plan and have the cost of that plan included in their financing arrangements.

As car purchasers, CarMax promises to purchase any car, regardless of its condition, mileage or make. The company claims that the value of the offer it makes on a used car remains the same whether the seller chooses to replace the car through CarMax or not.