What Services Does the California Department of Motor Vehicles Offer?


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The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) includes comprehensive services such as record requests for cars and drivers, registration renewal, registration fee calculators and ordering of special interest plates. Customers can also download forms for applications and other procedures at the California DMV website. In addition to auto services, they can register to vote at the DMV and search for auto-related services, such as auto mechanics and auto insurance agencies.

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The California DMV provides some services for free, while others require a fee or have other restrictions. People searching for driver and vehicle records, for instance, must have an account with the DMV's electronic portal, and may only request their own records. People must also have an account with the DMV for other confidential services, such as renewing a driver's license or updating changes in address.

In addition to these services, the California DMV coordinates payments for violations such as traffic tickets. People can also pay fines at the state DMV for suspended vehicle registrations and to notify state agents if they are no longer operating a car in California.

Drivers can check the status of licenses or applications for permits and other services through the state DMV. They can acquire information on laws and regulations regarding owning and operating bicycles, motor homes, boats and other property. Before visiting a DMV, people can schedule an appointment through the state DMV website.

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