What Services Does Bosley Tires Offer?


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Bosley Tires in Wichita, Kansas performs brake repairs, nitrogen tire inflation, steering and suspension maintenance, wheel alignment, and computerized wheel balancing. Bosley Tires also offers repairs, tire rotation and installation for tires and wheels.

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Bosley Tires offers several steering and suspension services, such as replacements for ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, shocks and struts. The company also offers suspension inspection and sway bar link replacement. Bosley Tires provides a tire pressure monitoring system repair service to ensure that the system is accurately tracking the amount of pressure in the vehicle's tires and to alert the driver of any significant changes. Each service section on the website provides an estimated service time and lets users request a service quote by clicking the appropriate link and submitting information about their vehicles.

Bosley Tires offers tires for road vehicles, trailers and lawn machines and provides an online tire and wheel inventory search feature that lets users search for brand name products matching the specifications of their vehicles. Additionally, Bosley Tires allows users to schedule service directly from the website by clicking the appropriate link and submitting their personal information and details about their vehicles. Bosley Tires offers regular coupons and discounts on tire purchases.

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