What Services Are Available at St. Lucie Battery and Tire Car Care Centers?


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Services available at St. Lucie Battery and Tire car care centers include tire service, battery service, oil change and brake inspection. Other areas of service include vehicle belts and hoses, air filters, suspension, drive lines and exhaust. St. Lucie Battery and Tire also offers scheduled preventative maintenance services for vehicles, as of 2015.

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Tire service at St. Lucie Battery and Tire covers tire repair, tire rotation, tire balancing, tire installation and wheel alignment. Tire rotation involves switching tires from one side of the vehicle to the opposite side. Wheel alignment service straightens vehicle wheels, preventing wobble. Tire balancing ensures even wear and prevents vehicle vibration.

Battery service at St. Lucie Battery and Tire includes a complete inspection of the vehicle's battery and electrical system using a computerized system. Other components of battery service include new battery installation, disposal of the old battery and removal of corrosion from battery cable terminals. Service also includes alternator belt tension and wear inspection.

St. Lucie Battery and Tire recommends scheduling oil change service every three months or 3,000 miles as general guidelines. Oil changes keep a vehicle lubricated and ensure smooth operating. St. Lucie Battery and Tire recommends a brake inspection once a year. Drivers experiencing squeaking, scratching or grinding sounds when braking should have the vehicle's brakes inspected immediately. Vehicle shaking and vibrating during braking is also grounds for inspection.

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