What Are Some Service Centers That Offer Transmission Flushes?


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Service centers that offer transmission flushes include Jiffy Lube, Goodyear, Firestone and Pep Boys, as of 2015. With locations across the country, most of these service center locations accommodate walk-in customers, but some also offer appointments to avoid long wait times. Transmission flushes should be performed on most vehicles every 30,000 miles, or every two years, whichever comes first.

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During a transmission flush, the service technician drains old transmission fluid from the reservoir and mechanical make-up of the gears. Following draining, new fluid and cleaning solutions are run through a machine that pushes dirt, sludge and other build-up out of the transmission and reservoir. Once cleaned, new transmission fluid is added to the manufacturer's specified amount for each vehicle. Transmission flushes are also offered where the filter is changed in addition to the fluid change. This particular flush typically costs 30 to 50 dollars more at each service center.

Transmission flushes reduce wear on gears to help keep shifting smooth when accelerating and decelerating during driving. The service also uses conditioners to replenish seals, along with detergents that remove deposits and contaminants. Regular transmission maintenance helps to reduce the risk of transmission failure and other expensive repairs. Maintenance schedules and requirements vary among automatic and manual transmissions, and this may also cause a difference in cost when servicing a vehicle.

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