What Are Semi Truck Headache Racks?


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A semi truck headache rack is a metal barrier that is installed on the back of the truck cab. These are common on flatbed semi trucks to prevent an improperly secured load from falling forward and causing damage to the truck or injury to the driver and passengers.

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Headache racks are also called headers, cab guards or truck racks. They get their name because they install behind the driver's head, protecting it from injury. Some semi trucks do not have back windows, but they may still have headache racks. This type of rack is typically used to store equipment that needs to be easily accessible, including tire chains and maintenance equipment.

Headache racks are usually made of materials that are lightweight but strong, including aluminum and steel. This helps provide protection without reducing the amount of cargo the truck can carry without going over its weight limit. The racks also come in a variety of styles. Some have windows made of small openings in the metal to help maintain visibility, while others have additional locking storage containers built into the design.

Headache racks are also a popular pickup truck accessory. They help protect the rear window from damage while loading or carrying cargo. Pickup truck headache racks usually feature a more open design of slats or bars so that drivers can still use their rearview windows and mirrors.

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