Who Sells Very Old Cars?


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Classic cars, which are typically very old cars that have a collectible value, are typically sold through online auctions sites such as eBay and specialized classic car sites such as Auto Trader Classics and ClassicCars.com. Classic cars are also frequently sold at car shows.

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The online auction site eBay features a special section specifically for the sale of classic cars. The site contains numerous categories for narrowing down the search for a specific car, including subsections for specific manufacturers or car styles such as hot rods and muscle cars. The site also has a robust search engine that allows users to search based on multiple criteria, including make, model year range, number of miles driven and geographic region of the seller.

Like most user-based sales sites, eBay also offers a variety of tools to aid potential buyers in avoiding scams. For example, anyone who buys an item on eBay has the option of rating that seller based on the interaction. The person leaving the review can provide both a numerical rating as well as specific feedback. When buying a used car, it helps to look through the seller's history and ratings to find out if he has a history of deceiving buyers.

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