Who Sells Prevost Motorhomes?

Who Sells Prevost Motorhomes?

Companies that sell Prevost motorhomes include Liberty Coach in North Chicago, Illinois; Marathon Coach in Coburg, Oregon; Millennium Luxury Coaches in Sanford, Florida; and Featherlight Coaches in Suffolk, Virginia. All four companies have websites where their coach or motorhome inventories can be browsed.

Founded in 1924 when Eugene Provost made his first wooden body coach, Prevost's corporate headquarters are located in Quebec, Canada, but it also has facilities in the United States. Prevost manufactures premium passenger coaches and conversion coaches, otherwise known as high-end motorhomes. The high-end motorhomes include seated coaches, such as the Prevost H-Series and Prevost X Series, and conversion coaches, which include the Prevost H3-45 VIP and Prevost XLII models.

Seated coaches generally come with rows of seats to fit many passengers and are good for tours and similar functions. The conversion coaches are modeled like luxurious apartments on the inside, and are generally used by a single owner.

Customers can browse Prevost motohome series and models online at PrevostCar.com. Customers can also connect with Prevost through Facebook and YouTube, or by signing up for Prevost's newsletter through the website. Prevost also offers a mobile service app for both Apple and Android devices.

Prevost is part of the Volvo Group, which is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Volvo Group is one of the leading suppliers of commercial transport, including trucks, buses and aircraft engine components.