Who Sells Oil Bath Air Cleaners?


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Merchants found on eBay.com sell used oil bath air cleaners for a wide range of vehicle models. However, the air cleaners that are found on eBay's listings tend toward vintage models.

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As of 2015, oil bath air cleaners are rarely listed on websites that sell vehicle parts, which list the more common modern filters that have since replaced the oil bath air filter in popularity. Oil bath air filters tend to be used mostly in instances where a vehicle will encounter a large amount of dirt, as the messy maintenance of the filter is not worth the trouble of dealing with in normal conditions.

Vortox Air Technology still distributes four different kinds of oil bath air filters, each model handling a different configuration for different kinds of engines. These models are the G, GA, S and SA series. These filters are made for modern vehicles, to contrast the vintage models found on Amazon and eBay's merchant listings. These filters are best located by contacting Vortox directly at their phone number at 909-621-3843.

Some auto parts online websites do not list oil bath air filters at all, instead preferring to list only the modern alternatives. Oil bath air filters are, as a result, much harder to locate than other filter types.

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