Who Sells H2 Hummer Salvage Parts?

Find H2 Hummer salvage parts for sale online through sites such as UNeedAPart.com, RubberDuck4x4.com, AutoGuide.net, SalvageYart.net and PartsHotline.com, as of 2015. Each site offers tools for locating various parts for the different years of H2 Hummers; some allow immediate purchase, while others require users to submit a parts request form.

UNeedAPart.com works with a network of salvage yards to locate parts for customers on an as-needed basis, meaning that it does not offer an online inventory of parts. However, it does offer the functionality to select an exact year of H2 Hummer and submit a request for a specific part. The company then reaches out to its suppliers to locate the part and makes arrangements for payment and shipping only when it has the part.

PartsHotline.com also works with local yards to locate parts. It does offer an online list of known parts that includes price and the location of the seller yard. Some parts support online ordering, while others require you to call the company to make shipping arrangements.

RubberDuck4x4.com sells each part directly, though its inventory is subject to change over time. The site offers a special section exclusively for H2 Hummer parts under several parts categories. AutoGuide.net contains links to other online and physical yards that sell salvage H2 Hummer parts, some of which support online ordering. SalvageYard.net maintains its own yard for sourcing parts, offering listings of available parts through the site.