What Is the Best-Selling Dune Buggy?

In its list of top selling dune buggies, GoKarts USA indicates that the Trailmaster 150 XRS Buggy Gokart was voted the best adult size buggy on the market, as of 2015. Other top sellers according are the BMS Sand Sniper 150 Dune Buggy and the Kandi KD -150 Buggy. Gear Patrol lists the BMS V-Twin Buggy 800 as its 2015 top choice among buggies, followed by the Polaris RZR XP 1000 and the Can-Am Maverick X DS.

The Meyers Manx, recognized by many as the first dune buggy, is also noted by Gear Patrol as one of the top dune buggies in 2015. The original Meyers Manx was fabricated from Volkswagen's type-1 platform. Kits are available for the classic Manx and also a Manxster Dual Sport. Among the best dune buggies for children, according to kidsridewild.com, are the Monstor Moto MM-K80R 79.5cc, the all electic Razor Dune Buggy and the Trailmaster TM1 MINI XRX 166cc.

There are basically three types of dune buggies on and off the road today: those built for street driving, those built for driving in dirt and those built for driving in sand, which are commonly called sandrails. Each of these can cross over, but top performance is noted on the terrain for which they were built.