What Are Some of the Best-Selling Cars Throughout History?


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Three of the best-selling automobiles in history as of 2015 are the Ford Model T, the Volkswagen Beetle and the Toyota Corolla. The Corolla is the number one car sold of all time, while the Beetle held the record previously after topping the Model T's sales numbers in 1972.

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What Are Some of the Best-Selling Cars Throughout History?
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The Ford Model T was one of the first mass-produced cars and the most successful car of the early era of automobiles, with over 15 million examples of this vehicle produced. Though it initially sold for $1,000 dollars, a new Model T could be purchased for $300 towards the end of the car's production due to improvements in the assembly line process. It was so popular that nine out of 10 cars worldwide were Fords as of 1914, largely on the strength of its sales.

The Volkswagen Beetle began as the Volkswagen Type 1, designed by Ferdinand Porsche. It began production in 1938. The Beetle is likely the most produced car design of all time, with the essential design of the car remaining unchanged until production ceased in 2003. Over 21.5 million Beetles were built in factories located all over the world.

The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car worldwide, though this milestone was achieved through eleven generations of different cars all sold under the Corolla nameplate. The original rear-wheel drive Corolla sold in 1966 bears little resemblance to the modern front-wheel drive iteration of this car. All in all, over 40 million Corollas have been sold worldwide.

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