How Do You Sell a Used Truck in New Jersey?

How Do You Sell a Used Truck in New Jersey?

To sell a truck in New Jersey, a seller can offer the vehicle directly to local auto dealers or list the vehicle through classified ad websites such as Craigslist or The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Division website explains the legal process for selling vehicles in the state.

To help sell a vehicle within 24 hours, the Autotraders website provides a seller with an instant online offer from local dealers. To qualify, the seller must complete an online form detailing information about the truck, including the vehicle identification number, year, make, mileage, condition and equipment options.

The Autotrader system then generates an instant offer from a local dealer which the seller can accept or decline. If the seller accepts, he receives a printable voucher to take to the dealership to complete the sale.

For private transactions, once the seller and buyer reach an agreement, the seller must sign the vehicle's title, present it to the buyer and remove the license plates from the truck. Unless they are being transferred to another vehicle, the seller must return the license plates to the motor vehicle commission.

Kelley Blue Book and offer detailed advice for selling vehicles in New Jersey. Tips include how to establish a fair price, ways to prepare the vehicle for sale, how to sell a truck if the seller still owes money to a lender and how to negotiate the final deal.