How Do You Sell a Used Go-Kart?


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Sell a used go-kart by documenting its condition and ensuring its safety, then cleaning it and taking several clear pictures of its exterior and interior. Write a description of the go-kart and post it, along with the photos, to a site such as BuyNSellGoKarts.com, GoKartClassifies.com, eBay.com, GoKart2000.com or Craigslist.org, as of 2015.

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Assess the condition of a used go-kart before putting it up for sale, as damaged or malfunctioning vehicles are worth less than those in proper working order. Check the state of the engine, wheels, breaks and safety harness to ensure that all components are clean and functioning properly. If the go-kart is missing equipment or has a part that does not work, consider replacing it to increase the vehicle's overall resale value. After assessing and cleaning the go-kart, take multiple pictures in a bright area to demonstrate its appearance and condition, as well as any special features or unique elements.

Create a short but thorough description of the go-kart that includes its year, make and model along with anything relevant to its performance. Be honest in the description to avoid potential disputes with buyers. Take the posting and the pictures and upload them to a listing on a classifieds site. Price the go-kart reasonably according to the values of similar models in the same condition on the site.

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