How Do You Sell Silver Coins?


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To sell silver coins, separate the coins according to their value, determine the value of each group of coins, and find the best buyer. The market for silver coins is dynamic, and prices change daily.

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How Do You Sell Silver Coins?
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Begin by sorting out the collectible quality coins from the others in your collection. These are priced and sold individually. Half dollar, quarter and US dime coins that were minted before 1916 and are in good condition are generally worth a higher price than the same coins in silver.

Next, determine the going rate for silver coins. Half dollar, quarter and US dime coins minted prior to 1965 are 90-percent silver. This sets the minimum price of the coins. Check the current going rate for silver coins, because the price changes daily. There are online silver value calculators found online that show the exact current values of specific coins.

Lastly, find a buyer for the coins. Search local coin shops to sell the coins worth their value in silver, also called non numismatic pieces. Exploring different options helps you find the best deal. A good deal at a coin shop should not be below 5-percent of the silver's value. Sell the collectible coins individually at coin shows and auctions, or contact buyers who specifically deal in numismatic coins.

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