How Do You Sell Scrap Tires?


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Sell scrap tires by taking them to a recycling center, rubber conversion plants, the local junkyard and the local government road division. Alternatively, place an advertisement in the newspaper, or contact school districts and church groups. Selling scrap tires may not bring in much money, but it is better than paying someone to get rid of the tires.

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Recycling centers can use the scrap tires to make new tires or find other uses for them, and rubber conversion plants may convert old tires for other uses. Junkyards regularly look for used materials that they can sell to recycling centers. The local government's road division may use tires to create tar for different road projects or create alternative fuels. Visit or call these entities to find out if they pay for scrap tires.

Place an advertisement in one of the local newspapers offering the tires for sale. Landscapers, marinas and junkyard dealers looking for scrap tires may come across the advertisement and contact you. Landscapers use old tires in gardens to create borders, and marinas may need the tires to keep on the sides of the dock. School districts and church groups that are building playgrounds may use the tires for swings, playgrounds or other projects.

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