How Do You Sell Salvage Parts for a Mercedes-Benz?

To sell salvage parts for a Mercedes-Benz, first decide whether to self-sell or relinquish to a junkyard. To self-sell, consult the Kelley Blue Book to determine an appropriate price if selling all the parts at once. To sell the parts piecemeal, research the value of each part before listing them. If relinquishing the car to a junkyard, first shop around to find which yard offers the best prices. Junkyards may buy the whole car or just the individual parts.

A junkyard may require a title or registration to prove ownership of the car. Find out if the junkyard takes the vehicle apart. Some establishments pay more for parts if they are already pulled from the car. Many junkyards dispose of tires and plastic, but some prefer to have them removed before purchase. Let the junkyard know if any parts have malfunctioned and, if selling the vehicle whole, whether or not it runs.

Before selling the parts, report the vehicle to the Department of Motor Vehicles as salvaged. Complete the Damage Disclosure Statement on the back of the vehicle's title; if the title is not available, the DMV can provide salvaged auto paperwork. Show the title and registration, and turn in the vehicle's license plates.