How Do You Sell Junk Cars With No Title?

sell-junk-cars-title Credit: Jesse Wojtonek / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Selling a junk vehicle without a title is done by finding a company that is willing to take it under other conditions. A private sale is also possible if the new owner only wants it for parts and does not plan to register it.

Some junk car buyers are willing to buy vehicles without the title, as long as the seller has the registration and shows his driver's license. These companies offer cash for junk cars and pick them up, branding themselves as providing a removal service.

Some licensed vehicle removal companies are able to take vehicles for recycling without asking for a title. However, sometimes these vehicles must meet a certain age requirement or cannot be worth more than a set value. For example, a vehicle might have to be 10 years old and not worth over $3,000. These requirements depend on the companies involved and any state laws they must work around.

Some salvage lots also take junk cars without a title. These lots buy cars, then allow people to come in and take parts off of the vehicles. The salvage lots make money by charging admission to the lot, then charging for the vehicle parts that people buy.