How Do You Sell a Damaged Corvette Car?

Lightly damaged Corvette vehicles may be saleable through private party sales or to dealers at a reduced value, but heavily damaged cars are likely to be candidates for sale to a junkyard or specialty dealer that sells damaged and reconditioned vehicles. It is also possible to sell totaled Corvettes to private parties or dealers provided that the vehicle comes with a salvage title.

Light damage such as curb rash, damage to bumpers and body panels and even some light mechanical damage is not uncommon in used Corvettes sold to private parties or dealers, though owners of used vehicles can expect some reduction in sales price for this type of damage. More severe structural damage to the frame of the car, serious engine issues and other damage that renders the car unsafe or unusable generally consigns it to sale to a junkyard or specialty dealer. Some junkyards send their own trucks to pick up cars for delivery to the yard, which can save sellers the time and expense of arranging transport for their vehicle.

Totaled Corvettes are a special case as compared to heavily damaged cars. Totaled means that the company insuring the car has declared that repairing it is more costly than the car's worth. However, since totaling is an economic judgment rather than a mechanical one, a totaled Corvette is sometimes perfectly drivable and requires primarily cosmetic repairs. In many cases, the insurance company buys a totaled car from the policyholder and there is no option to sell the vehicle to anyone else. If the insurance company does not take the vehicle, obtaining a salvage title allows the owner to re-sell the vehicle.