How Do You Sell Your Commercial Truck?


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Sell your commercial truck by compiling its basic information along with pictures of the truck and a description of its conditions and features into a cohesive listing. Upload this information to a site such as eBay, Craigslist, CommercialTruckTrader.com or NationaLease to sell to private buyers and dealers.

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While the specific methods for completing a sale vary from site to site, each entity requires the same basic information about the truck in order to create a listing. In terms of the written description, sellers should include the trucks basic information such as its make, model and year along with more detailed information about how much it was used, including its mileage, and how the truck looks on the inside and outside. Sellers should also take several high-resolution pictures of the truck that accurately depict its appearance and features, as pictures allow buyers to gain a realistic understanding of the truck.

After gathering this information, the seller needs to choose a site on which to list the truck. Sites such as Craigslist offer few tools for working with buyers, whereas sites such as eBay offer both communication and payment tools. The seller should choose a site based on how involved she wants to be in the sale.

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