How Do You Sell a Car at Manheim Auto Auctions?

Manheim auto auctions provide three ways to sell your used car: trade in your used car, use its Sell Your Car Now service or sell your car at auction. Use its website,, to get an instant car valuation for your vehicle and book an appointment at a local branch.

Begin by visiting to get a valuation for your car and book an appointment at a local branch. Appointments are available from Monday through Friday between 8 a.m and 5 p.m apart from state public holidays. The list of Manheim Auctions' branches is available at Then, choose the method that you want to use in selling your car.

Trading in your car helps you sell your car and buy a different one. Manheim Auctions provides you with trade-in valuation credit in exchange for your vehicle. You can then use this credit to redeem for a fixed price or at auction.

Manheim provides a Sell Your Car Now service that allows you to sell your car quickly at a fixed price. Manheim gives you a market valuation of your car, and you are paid immediately.

To maximize the selling price of your car, auction it for a fee. Manheim Auction handles all the paperwork for the sale.