How Do You Sell a Car?

How Do You Sell a Car?

To sell a car, gather the car's history, prepare the car for sale, determine the asking price, and create an online or newspaper listing. Instead of selling the car yourself, you can also take it a dealership or a used car lot to sell it or trade it in.

  1. Gather the paperwork

    Create a detailed list of all of the features of the car, including the year, make, model and current mileage. Organize all of the maintenance receipts and information, or contact your repair shop for a statement that summarizes past repairs and maintenance. If the car was maintained at a dealership or a major auto repair center ask the dealership to provide the information, or print a CarFax report to obtain the complete history of the vehicle.

  2. Prepare the car for sale

    If you are not certain of the condition of the car, take it to a mechanic for an inspection, and make any minor repairs. Clean the car thoroughly inside and out.

  3. Determine an asking price

    Check local and online listings for current sale prices for the similar vehicles. Research the car in the Kelley Blue Book for an estimated value.

  4. Create a listing

    If you are selling the car online, take 10 to 15 clear pictures of the interior and the exterior of the car. Write a listing that includes details about the car and its maintenance history. Post an ad for the vehicle on Craigslist, or list it on eBay.