How Do You Sell a Car on EBay?

sell-car-ebay Credit: lina aidukaite/Moment/Getty Images

To offer a car on eBay, the seller must gather information about the vehicle, create a listing, monitor the process, and then close the deal by arranging for payment and delivery, according to the company's website. EBay walks customers through each step of the process, if needed.

The first phase involves collecting details about the car, such as its history and vehicle identification number, eBay explains. The title is located and checked for accuracy. Sometimes a lien holder or insurance company is contacted for more information. The state Department of Motor Vehicles also provides needed facts, such as how to pay taxes on a sale.

The next step is preparing the listing, eBay reports. If it has not been done previously, a seller registers as an eBay member and creates a seller's account. The seller takes exterior and interior photos of the car from several angles. Pictures show the condition of the car and indicate any damage.

To finish the listing, the seller creates a written description of the car, sets a price and states the terms of the sale, eBay continues. EBay provides a step-by-step template to do this. Recommendations and examples are available.

While the sale is going on, sellers need to manage the listing, eBay suggests. This includes answering questions and contacting potential buyers through email or over the phone. If a sale is not going as planned, the seller has the option of revising the price at this step.

Once the car has sold, the final step involves receiving payment and turning over the vehicle, concludes eBay. These processes were determined prior to the listing going live, so they occur in the manner described in the listing.