How Do I Sell My Car?


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To sell a car, prepare the care for the buyer, establish an asking price and decide where to list the vehicle, according to DMV.org. Additionally, it's necessary to prepare all necessary paperwork, and evaluate the car’s marketability.

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How Do I Sell My Car?
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Visit the nearest DMV office to secure a proof of ownership, advises DMV.org. Prepare the car by cleaning it, bringing the vehicle to a mechanic for inspection, and making minor repairs or improvements.

To determine a fair value for the car, browse car-pricing websites and scour automotive classified ads, recommends DMV.org. If you are selling the car for a higher asking price than other similar cars, it's crucial to emphasize the reasons why, such as cosmetic changes or mechanical improvements. Factors to consider when determining the asking price include the car’s condition, special features, mileage and fuel economy.

It is important to conduct some research on where particular models sell quickly, notes DMV.org. Compact economy cars are in great demand near college campuses, whereas station wagons are better sold in bedroom communities. Ragtop owners should sell their cars at the beach, while owners of classic models should go to car-collector clubs.

Traditional methods to sell a car include putting a “for sale” sign on the vehicle, buying a newspaper classified ad, posting flyers and trading at a dealership, says DMV.org. Owners may also use auction sites or hire a broker.

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