How Do You Select Replacement Wheels for a Vehicle?


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When selecting replacement tires for a vehicle, consult the tire placard or the owner's manual for your vehicle to find its specifications. Next, determine if there is a brand you like or if there is a particular tire you need, such as off-roading or all-terrain types. Find out if your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system, as this affects the size or style of tire available to you.

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Find the tire placard in the front driver's or passenger's door, the gas tank lid, the center console, the glove compartment, or the trunk. The placard contains the minimum specifications needed, such as tire size, front and rear cold tire pressure, seating capacity, load index, and speed rating. Keep your vehicles year, make and model on hand when searching, as well as the manufacturer's original tire size. Take note of any consistent driving habits you may have.

The price of tires varies depending on the number of miles the tread is able to travel. Some specialty tires have raised white lettering or white walls, and are typically more expensive. Call several retailers before going in to purchase, and take notes of the tire types and pricing each offers for your vehicle. Ask each retailer if there are any additional amenities provided, such as free tire rotations, hazard protection, tire repairs or replacement options.

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