How Do You Select Appropriate Tires for Your Car?

To select appropriate tires for your car, consider the tire's size, tread life expectancy, speed rating, ride quality and tread design. Also consider the driving use and conditions encountered and find a trustworthy tire store.

The tire's size should be such that it can carry the car's weight. Choose the tire as per the size indicated on the original piece. If you are planning to upgrade the tire size, choose tires within a three percent range of the tire diameter.

To know a tire's expected life span, check its Uniform Tire Quality Grading rating. In general, the higher the UTQG rating, the longer the tire's lifespan. For cars meant for regular use, tires with H-speed rating that work well even at 130 miles per hour speeds are adequate. The higher the speed rating, the lower the tire's UTQG rating, due to the softer tire material.

Avoid low-profile tires belonging to the 40 and 50 series. Although easier to handle, such tires reduce the ride quality and increase the risk of wheel damage. Tread design that creates less noise is good for driving on highways, though it's not an important consideration when driving on city streets at low speeds.

Select responsive tires if driving mostly on city streets, long-wearing tires if driving on highways and handling tires if driving on rough terrain. Finally, choose all-season tires if your worst and typical driving conditions are similar.