How Are the Seats Generally Positioned in an Airbus Jet?


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The general Airbus jet seating plan features first class seating up front behind the pilot cabin, comfort or business class seating directly behind first class, and economy seating for the majority of passengers. Airbus seating configurations include first class, business class and three types of economy class seats. Seating charts on Airbus models vary by airline and model number.

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The comfort level of Airbus seating directly corresponds to class designations. For instance, there are only 12 seats in first class on a Delta Airlines Airbus model, and these passengers have the most space to relax and move around. Comfort seating, often used by business class passengers, tends to provide travelers with extra leg room and wider seats. Airbus economy class seating is designed to maximize use of space.

The standard Airbus seating layout for first class is a row of four seats with two connected middle seats. In business class, passengers sit six-abreast in pairs. Premium economy has seven seats, and three passengers sit together in the middle section. Standard economy has eight seats with four in the middle, and high-efficiency economy seating features nine seats in groups of three. Airbus first class seats are the widest and span 27 inches.

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